Giorgi Wazowski is a Georgian fashion stylist and photographer. The 28 year-old has been involved in local fashion scene for 10 years and is the man behind a handful of instal-famous fashion editorials & campaigns. Simultaneously, He is a co-founder of a jewelry brand “Le Chic Radical,” functioning as the brand manager. 

In May 2019, the young creative founded his namesake jewelry brand GIORGI WAZOWSKI C01. Inspired by 90’s Georgia, queer culture and  minimalism, Wazowski created a collection of gold plated & silver persten earnings that are also transformed into a ring. Wazowski’s creations also include a modernized version of a traditional Georgian felt hat and leather lunch bags.  Every piece in the collection is unisex & handcrafted  in Tbilisi, Georgia.

C01 collection has been presented during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi 2019.

“Giorgi Wazowski C01 collection is partially inspired by 90’s Georgia and the reality that I had to live in and still can remember. I decided to present my collection in the underground space(underpass) in front of Stamba Hotel. I think it turned out interesting and feel like it is a good initiative to use the undergrounds of Tbilisi for such purposes. My brand is not only about the jewelry. I would rather say, it is about condition and desires, aim and result, ability to work hard, feelings and inspirations. This is everything that I want to create and want to be a part of me. I want it to be part of the man that really loves and respects himself, is sentimental and really likes having fun.I plan to concentrate on several inspirations and twice a year present my solo collection, which will always consist of different objects.

The soap dish was brought back to live from my childhood memories, back then we used to wash these kind of soaps. As for the candlestick, it reminds me of the time, when there was no electricity and I would play in a dark room, with a candle standing on the table. The bracelet is dedicated to the place that I have never been to and the earrings are an interpretation of the singlet ring, which was a big thing in the post-soviet Georgia. The construction was developed in 3D and its form is a novelty at the market

.As for the hat from my collection, I imagined national, so called “Kakhetian hats”, I played with their shape and did some changes to it, made it look more modern. What is the most important is that all of the hats are handmade and are not factory-produced. They are dyed naturally and are made of 100% Georgian wool felt. I gathered all of the above mentioned in the logo of my brand, because I want us to be proud of who we are, of all the hidden treasures of our country. The treasures that at first are hard to notice. Lastly, the most important part of the collection is the chair filled with flowers – the art piece that I will never sell, since it is a intimate and sentimental part of my personality.”   


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