"Hey, this is Giorgi Wazowski, I’ve been creating beauty for designers, garment campaigns and of course grandeur for gentlewomen. I’m co-founder of Le Chic Racical, now it’s time for homme. Giorgi Wazowski is an item, sculpted and handcrafted knit dedicated to men, but loved by all."

Giorgi Wazowski is self-taught stylist, photographer, and illustrator based in Tbilisi, Georgia. For many years, Giorgi has been working for several well-known Georgian designers, styled as well as photographed their fashion shows, look books, and campaigns. He is an author of lots of international works shared by Nowness, I-D, Dazed, Vogue, Buro24/7 and many more. Simultaneously, Giorgi is a co-founder of a jewelry brand LE CHIC RADICAL.  In May 2019, the young creative founded his namesake brand GIORGI WAZOWSKI, It has been presented as an installation during MBFW. 

"I decided to present my collection in the underpass, in front of Stamba Hotel. I think it turned out interesting and feel like it is a good initiative to use the undergrounds of Tbilisi for such purposes. The soap dish was brought back to live from my childhood memories, as for the candlestick, it reminds me of the time, when there was no electricity and I would play in a dark room, with a candle standing on the table. The bracelet is dedicated to the place that I have never been to and the earrings are an interpretation of the singlet ring, which was a big thing in the post-soviet Georgia. As for the hats from my collection, I played with the shape of national Georgian hats and did some changes to it colors. The most important part of the collection is the chair filled with flowers – the art piece, intimate and sentimental part of my personality.”